I am a self taught artist from Birmingham, UK with a passion for the sciences, history, religion and philosophy. These studies are the foundation artistic practice and the source of everything that I produce as an artist.

The work I am currently creating is centered on nature of science and its connection with spirituality. I am using sacred geometry as the starting point to explore a broad range of themes that include; the creation of the universe,  evolution and extinction, repetition and cycles in history, the illusion of reality. I work in a variety of formats and have been described as an illustrator, painter, and street artist – but more specifically my work can be defined as straddling the ever narrowing gap between fine art and urban art/ graffiti culture.  I am as content with a brush and a canvas as I am with a spray can and a wall. The street artist in me loves to experiment so I will often make use of whatever materials are available to me. Regardless of which mediums I choose, my work is always highly controlled and meticulous in detail – an obsessive compulsive trait that I’ve found essential in producing the optical illusions that I use so regularly. I use a predominantly monochrome palette with metallic’s and subtle gradients to highlight detail and I really push the graphic qualities to create three dimensional aspects in my designs.

I intend to make art that has presence whether the scale is large such as the work I make that is, big graphic geometric paintings that jump out at the viewer, or small scale works which draw the viewer in such as the small sculptural forms that have a precious object quality reminiscent of holy relics. My aim is not only to provide the viewer with a visual puzzle to solve, but to try and draw attention to the divinity in science as well as the limitless possibilities of the human mind.